Non-Surgical Facelift

Dr. Massoudi State of The Art Non-Surgical Facelift Procedure

We’re all familiar with – and many of us dread – a surgical facelift. (Think of the too tight and quite disfigured faces of certain celebrities, for example! The results of a surgical facelift can be scary and are very difficult to correct.)

When it comes to a non-surgical facelift, the term has been misappropriated by many snake oil salesmen selling products that allegedly produce benefits compatible with a facelift. You may be shocked to learn that there is a legitimate and safe non-surgical facelift procedure, at all!
Dr. Massoudi has created a safe and non-invasive alternative to a facelift surgery. His technique involves a combination of BOTOX® Cosmetic, injectable fillers, Ultherapy and lasers that bring about a well-rested and youthful look. Unlike a surgical procedure, this method does not require general anesthesia, it is relatively painless (only topical anesthetic is involved), and the recovery afterward is brief. There is one more unique benefit to a non-surgical facelift. At intervals during the procedure you’ll be able to monitor its progress and results. Yes, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute your input. Yes, your feedback will influence the final outcome of your non-surgical facelift!

Injectable fillers will fill in any depressions and folds common to aging. Dr. Massoudi uses Restylane® to fill in under the eyes to eliminate dark circles, and Juvederm® to define the lips and decrease the vertical “smoker’s lines” of the upper and lower lips. He uses Voluma that last two years in temporal and cheek areas to give the "LIFT". He uses Radiesse® to fill in the nasolabial folds (smile lines) at the sides of the mouth and enhance cheekbones restoring a youthful look. (Radiesse® can also be used to fill in the space between the “jowl” and the chin and to re-establish a smooth jaw line.)

BOTOX® Cosmetic injections smooth out lines and wrinkles caused by muscle contractions. BOTOX relaxes the muscles of the forehead, between the eye brows and the sides of the eyes. BOTOX® Cosmetic can also be used to decrease vertical lip lines, to raise corners of the mouth preventing them from turning down, and to smooth out a dimpled chin.

Ultherapy is used to tight skin and lift underlying muscle and as result the skin. It is ideal for full face and neck.

Fractional CO2 laser treatment is used to achieve a better skin tone and a more lifted look. It is ideal for jowl laxity, sagginess under the eyes, and neck droopiness. Dr. Massoudi will determine the right number of treatment sessions to achieve optimal results for you.

Non-Surgical Facelift is virtually painless, quick, and effective. Injectables usually take less than an hour to complete and there is virtually no downtime. The results of BOTOX® injections lasts about three to four months and the injectable fillers last six months to two years depending on which type of filler is used. The results of the laser treatments last for up to five years depending on your skin physiology. Non-surgical facelift can be preformed on most skin colors.
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