In our quest to provide the most advanced, non-surgical cosmetic treatments to help our patients look and feel their best, Aluna Vein Centers is proud to offer Belotero treatment that’s designed to correct superficial facial lines and wrinkles. If you’re unhappy with those pesky lines and wrinkles you see when you look in the mirror, Dr. Massoudi can provide you with Belotero Balance treatment for a more youthful and attractive appearance.

What is Belotero Balance?

Belotero Balance is a FDA-approved injectable hyaluronic acid (HA) filler that’s used to improve the appearance of moderate-to-severe etched-in lines and wrinkles on the face. Once it is injected, it quickly and evenly integrates into the skin.

Is it similar to Botox injections?

No. Belotero Balance acts in a completely different way. It fills in areas within the skin to reduce the depth of wrinkles, lines, and folds, After the treatment, the skin is still mobile and flexible, for a natural look and feel.

How does Belotero Balance differ from other fillers?

Once Belotero Balance has been injected, it instantly fills the skin to help smooth out unsightly lines and wrinkles. Unlike other fillers, Belotero Balance is a versatile, soft, cohesive gel that is ideal for treating delicate areas like etched-in lines around the mouth and lips.

How quickly will I see results?

As soon as Dr. Massoudi finishes injecting Belotero Balance, you will immediately see the results. The wrinkles and lines on your skin will be reduced, for smoother, more attractive skin.

Is Belotero Balance long-lasting?

While results can vary from one patient to the next, Belotero Balance typically lasts for six months or more. How much of the product is needed and the areas it’s injected into affect how long the results last. In those areas that experience a lot of movement due to eating, speaking, and smiling, the results may not last as long as other less active areas.

How much will I need?

Dr. Massoudi will determine the amount of Belotero Balance you need depending on how much correction you wish to have done, the number of areas to be treated and other factors.
Once he has examined you and talked with you about your needs and desires, he will let you know how much of the product you’ll need.

Is Belotero Balance more expensive than other fillers?

No. Belotero Balance is comparably priced to other fillers.

Does it hurt to undergo this cosmetic treatment?

There can be some discomfort associated with this treatment just as there is with all injectable treatments. If you have concerns, please speak with us so we can effectively manage your discomfort during the treatment.

What is Belotero Balance made of?

Belotero Balance is made of hyaluronic acid, which is a natural component of the skin. Hyaluronic acid binds to the skin’s own moisture just like it binds to water. The smooth and cohesive gel blends into the natural structure of the skin to gently fill etched-in lines and wrinkles for smoother skin that looks and feels very natural.

How does Dr. Massoudi perform this treatment?

Dr. Massoudi injects Belotero Balance into the skin using a fine-gauge needle while you comfortably sit or lay back.

Is it safe?

Yes. As a FDA-approved and clinically-tested cosmetic treatment, Belotero Balance is completely safe.

What are the side effects?

Just like with other injectable filler treatments, you may experience some minor irritation, swelling, itchiness, redness, bruising, or tenderness at the injection site. These side effects typically go away within a few days.

What about recovery and downtime?

There is little to no recovery or downtime associated with Belotero Balance treatment. You can expect to return to your normal, daily activities right after your treatment.

Request Your Belotero Balance Consultation Today

If visible signs of aging like wrinkles and lines on your face are making you feel self-conscious about your appearance, you don’t have to just live with it! Belotero Balance can erase those unsightly signs of aging to give you smoother, more youthful-looking skin! With four offices in Beverly Hills, Encino, Irvine, and Glendale, we make it very convenient to improve your appearance!

To get started achieving your best look, call our central phone number at (310) 855-7171 to request an appointment with Dr. Massoudi to find out if Belotero Balance is right for you. We look forward to hearing from you soon!
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