ALUNA LIFT  By Dr. Massoudi

Dr. Massoudi has been perfecting minimally invasive and innovative ALUNA LIFT since year 2003. This procedure is done only for our ALUNA exclusive members. Contact us for consultation and ask about our membership.
ALUNA LIFT is series of minimally invasive procedures that is done over time. ALUNA LIFT is done only for face and neck and decreases signs of aging, like wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, sagging skin as result decrease or eliminate need of major plastic surgery. 

Dr. Massoudi's Philosophy of aging and Face and Neck Lift

After certain age, around age 30 (this might be different for every individual) our body specially face and neck looses certain fat pads, collagen and elasticity. There are many factors that causing this process, like: 

Diet: A good diet will give the right building blocks to our body to make good collagen and unhealthy diets will increase radical formation which as result causes cell death or cell transformation.

Exercise: Improves blood circulation and as result nutrition and oxygen can reach to different part of our body.

Smoking: Causes decrease cell oxygenation and increases radical formation causes cell death.

Genetic: Every person has different genes as result have different DNA, RNA and can make different building blocks like amino acids which is part of our collagen and skin.

Hormones: Hormonal changes during our life span will effect our skin and also is different between male and females.

Sun exposure: UVA and UVB causes radical formation and increases rate of skin aging and causes fine lines, wrinkles and changes skin tone and pigmentation.

Dr. Massoudi also divides skin treatment to 4 stages:

1. Prevention
2. Maintenance
3. Correction 
4. Enhancement

There are many structures we have to think about when we are talking about aging 

The major differences between Plastic Surgery Face and Neck Lift and Minimally Invasive ALUNA LIFT

When a Plastic surgery is done the skin quality and building blocks of the skin does not get better, only skin is more stretched out and parts are removed. 

ALUNA LIFT is totally different, we are trying to repair and rejuvenate every building blocks from bone, muscle, fat and collagen in multiple layers of the skin.  This takes many months to repair and need maintenance and thats why we put this as membership. This membership is to make sure we deliver what we promise. This takes almost 20 hours of our time over one year and we want the same commitment from our clients that join this membership. 

Prepare your body
Prepare your skin
Multiple Procedures on face and neck


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